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Tap into your potential as an Employee Happiness Workshop Facilitator with our step-by-step 50-page guide! Crafted with precision, this guide is your secret to high-value workshops that reduce demands and elevate engagement, motivation, and performance.

This guide is the ONLY proven blueprint for employee workshops, grounded in powerful psychological principles and consistently delivering jaw-dropping results within weeks of implementation.

The best part? This gem can be used in any organizational setting, making magic happen without requiring major resources!

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What's Included In This Game-Changing Package

Image of brochures about what to consider before getting started for a workshop. The brochures are arranged in a way that makes them easy to read and understand.

6 Key Principles for Hosting Successful Employee Happiness Workshops

Unlock the psychology-backed secrets to hosting impactful workshops, even if you have no previous experience.

A Proven and Agile 5-Phase Workshop Framework

A battle-tested 5-phase framework tailored to your organization’s unique goals and challenges.

Image of A Proven and Agile 5-Phase Workshop Framework
A set of sticky notes on a gray background, organized into four steps: prioritize the challenges, what's causing the most trouble, what creates stress in your work, and turn ideas into actions.

Easy-to-Implement Step-by-Step Workshop Outline & Guidance

Navigate the workshop journey with ease, armed with clear instructions, activities, and discussion points.

Workshop Moderator Checklist for Seamless Workshop Facilitation

Your go-to guide for flawless execution, whether you’re an HR professional or a line manager.

Image of Workshop Facilitator Checklist

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Employee engagement bundle

I opted for the ‘Learn how to do it yourself’ service and downloaded the employee engagement bundle. I absolutely loved the 6-week strategy launch template and the workbook was easy to follow and execute each strategy step. I’m also very satisfied with the quality and that you can also learn so much about the psychology of employee engagement.

Working with Work Unlocked saved my company!

Working with Stavy is very easy and smooth; she has a huge knowledge of employee engagement. She was able to understand what exactly I want. She is patient, friendly as well as professional. I am really excited to continue working with her in the near future. I definitely recommend working with Work Unlocked.

Professional & great service

I had an excellent experience working with Work Unlocked on my company’s employee well-being and mental health strategy. Stavy is extremely knowledgeable about the psychology of employee happiness and delivered a program that was widely accepted by all stakeholders. Overall a very professional service and an enjoyable partnership.

Recruitment related matters

Absolutely wondeful experience. Knowledgeable, easy to commmunicate with and available.

Stavy is great and long may the relation continue

5/5 Client happiness rating

100% Client retention rating

Stavy Papasotiriou

Founder workunlocked

I’m excited to offer you this toolset designed to make your day-to-day work life smoother—and they come with my personal recommendation! Drawing upon my extensive consulting experience, I have personally crafted these tried-and-tested tools using positive psychology principles to yield proven results across various industries and geographies. I can’t wait for you to try out our ready-made tools, and I thank you for letting us be part of your workplace happiness journey!

What Sets Our Workshop Guide Apart

Crystal-Clear Step-by-Step Instructions

Easy-to-follow guidance for guaranteed success, even if you're new to this field.

Become a Pro

Understand the psychological foundations of employee happiness, master agile workshop design, become a skilled facilitator, and drive positive change within your organization.

What Sets Our Employee Well-Being & Mental Health Bundle Apart

Strategic Templates with Pre-Filled Text

We've already done the groundwork; you simply implement top-tier employee engagement workshops with ease.

Proven to Perfection

Supported by unassailable research in employee behavior and motivation, our proven resources yield results within weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agile methodology in the context of employee happiness?

Agile methodology in the context of employee happiness is a flexible and dynamic way to organize and conduct workshops. The main focus is on constantly improving, being adaptable, and working together. It is a framework that aims to make employees feel better by quickly addressing their needs and making positive changes in the organization.

Agile methodology helps employees feel happier by using a flexible and adaptable approach to designing workshops. It ensures that the workshops are tailored to the unique needs of the employees, fostering a sense of engagement, motivation, and fulfillment.

The Agile Employee Happiness Workshop Guide is designed to provide facilitators, such as HR professionals and Line Managers with a comprehensive and proven blueprint for conducting effective workshops. The guide aims to improve employee happiness, reduce workplace demands, and increase overall engagement, motivation, and performance through a strategic and psychologically grounded approach.

To create a successful employee happiness workshop you need an employee happiness workshops guide. Our employee happiness workshops guide is designed to help employees improve their happiness at work. This guide is equipped with psychological principles, activities, and discussion points that are easy to implement.

The Agile Employee Happiness Workshop template is designed to benefit HR professionals and Line Managers who aim to create positive change within their organization. Whether you have lots of experience or are just starting out as a workshop leader, this template gives you everything you need to run workshops that are interesting and make a difference.

Organizations can measure employee happiness in an Agile setup through various indicators such as feedback from workshops, surveys, and performance metrics. The Agile approach allows for quick adjustments based on real-time feedback, ensuring that the measurement of employee happiness is an ongoing and adaptive process.

The Agile Employee Happiness guide can help HR professionals by providing a comprehensive resource for designing and facilitating workshops that enhance employee well-being. It equips HR professionals with strategic templates, step-by-step instructions, and psychological insights to effectively address workplace challenges, boost engagement, and foster a positive work environment.

Yes, the Agile Employee Happiness guide is versatile and can be utilized for both in-person and remote or virtual workshops.

Yes, the Agile Employee Happiness workshop guide provides strategies for evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the workshops.

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