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Our science-backed Employee Resilience Toolkit survey is here to help you assess your employees’ resilience levels and their ability to bounce back!

If your organization is facing challenges like high employee attrition, burnout, or stress, then this survey is an absolute MUST-HAVE for you. Don’t let these issues go unnoticed—what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done!

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What's Included In This Impactful Employee Resilience Survey Toolkit

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Science-Based Employee Resilience Questionnaire

Assess your employees’ resilience levels with our psychology-backed survey. Featuring 6 meticulously crafted this tool digs deep to unveil the crux of the matter.

Step-By-Step Survey Evaluation Guide

Get guidance on how to evaluate the survey results effectively. Armed with this information, you’ll be ready to make informed decisions.

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Bonus: Resilience Culture Checklist

Exclusive Bonus: Resilience Culture Checklist

Discover how to build an organizational culture of resilience with our bonus checklist. Strengthen your organization from the inside out!

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Employee engagement bundle

I opted for the ‘Learn how to do it yourself’ service and downloaded the employee engagement bundle. I absolutely loved the 6-week strategy launch template and the workbook was easy to follow and execute each strategy step. I’m also very satisfied with the quality and that you can also learn so much about the psychology of employee engagement.

Working with Work Unlocked saved my company!

Working with Stavy is very easy and smooth; she has a huge knowledge of employee engagement. She was able to understand what exactly I want. She is patient, friendly as well as professional. I am really excited to continue working with her in the near future. I definitely recommend working with Work Unlocked.

Professional & great service

I had an excellent experience working with Work Unlocked on my company’s employee well-being and mental health strategy. Stavy is extremely knowledgeable about the psychology of employee happiness and delivered a program that was widely accepted by all stakeholders. Overall a very professional service and an enjoyable partnership.

Recruitment related matters

Absolutely wondeful experience. Knowledgeable, easy to commmunicate with and available.

Stavy is great and long may the relation continue

5/5 Client happiness rating

100% Client retention rating

Stavy Papasotiriou

Founder workunlocked

I’m excited to offer you this toolset designed to make your day-to-day work life smoother—and they come with my personal recommendation! Drawing upon my extensive consulting experience, I have personally crafted these tried-and-tested tools using positive psychology principles to yield proven results across various industries and geographies. I can’t wait for you to try out our ready-made tools, and I thank you for letting us be part of your workplace happiness journey!

Key Features That Will Leave You In Awe

Dive into a suite of tools offering unmatched benefits and seamlessly integrated solutions, meticulously designed to make your day-to-day work much better.

Crystal-Clear Step-by-Step Instructions

Easy-to-follow guidance for guaranteed success, even if you're new to this field.

Proven to Perfection

Supported by unassailable research in employee behavior and motivation, our proven resources yield results within weeks.

What Sets Our Employee Well-Being & Mental Health Bundle Apart

Strategic Templates with Pre-Filled Text

We've already done the groundwork; you simply implement the top-tier employee resilience survey with ease.

Gain Profound Workforce Insights

Unearth comprehensive insights into the dynamics of employee resilience, enabling you to understand the heartbeat of your organization like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee resilience?

Employee resilience refers to an individual’s ability to bounce back from challenges, setbacks, and stress in the workplace. It involves the capacity to adapt positively to difficult situations and maintain psychological well-being.

Our assessment tool is a psychology-backed Employee Resilience Survey designed to measure the resilience levels of your employees. It includes a meticulously crafted questionnaire, a step-by-step evaluation guide, and a bonus checklist for building a resilient organizational culture.

Using a resilience questionnaire is crucial for organizations facing challenges like high attrition, burnout, or stress. It provides valuable insights into employees’ resilience levels, helping you address issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

To make your employee resilience survey more effective, simply follow the clear and concise step-by-step instructions in our toolkit. The survey also includes strategic templates with pre-filled text, making it simple to implement even for those new to this field. Our resources have been proven to produce results within weeks.

A resilient organizational culture fosters employee well-being by providing support during challenging times. It promotes adaptability, reduces burnout, and creates a positive work environment, ultimately enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Conducting the survey is essential to identify and address issues affecting employee well-being. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done, and this survey is a proactive measure to understand and improve your organization’s resilience.

Workplace resilience benefits employees by reducing stress, improving mental health, and enhancing their ability to cope with challenges. It creates a supportive environment that contributes to overall job satisfaction and performance.

Use the comprehensive insights gained from the Employee Resilience Survey to identify specific areas for improvement. The survey results will highlight strengths and weaknesses, guiding you in developing a more resilient organizational culture.

All employees should participate in the survey to ensure a holistic understanding of the organization’s resilience. Inclusive participation provides a comprehensive view of the overall well-being and resilience levels across different departments and roles.

Absolutely! The resilience survey questionnaire is versatile and can be applied in various professional settings to assess and improve employee well-being and resilience.

Yes, the results can be compared over time to track changes in employee resilience levels. This allows organizations to measure the impact of interventions and track progress in building a resilient culture.

organizations can use the information from surveys to make smart choices, take specific actions, and create projects that improve the well-being and strength of their employees. The knowledge gained will contribute to building a positive and strong company culture.

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