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Introducing the Employee Feedback Toolkit: A comprehensive set of psychology-backed tools, thoughtfully curated for agile HR practitioners and forward-thinking team leaders.

Within this all-inclusive package, you’ll unlock a diverse range of easy-to-follow strategies, customizable templates, and interactive team activities. These resources are designed to assist you in delivering valuable employee feedback that not only promotes personal development but also encourages a positive change mindset.

Elevate your feedback game and optimize employee performance, productivity, and goal achievement, even with limited resources and no prior experience.

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Unlock employee feedback with this time-saving, ready-made 40-page toolkit

A diagram of the science-based model of feedback, which has three components: situation, behavior, and impact

Hands-On Employee Feedback Exercises 

Explore proven exercises designed to foster a culture of continuous feedback exchange. Each exercise comes with clear step-by-step instructions, useful checklists, and customizable templates.

  • Exercise 1: ‘Situation–Behavior–Impact’ Feedback Model – Learn to structure feedback effectively by addressing the Situation, Behavior, and Impact.
  • Exercise 2: The ‘I Appreciate’ Feedback Ritual – Express gratitude and recognition through this valuable feedback approach.
  • Exercise 3: Agile Retrospective Team Meetings – Transform routine meetings into productive feedback conversations, enhancing teamwork.
  • Exercise 4: After–Action Reviews (AAR) – Pinpoint reasons for goal deviations and identify lessons for future improvements.
  • Exercise 5: Start, Stop, Continue Doing – Pinpoint tasks to initiate, discontinue, or maintain based on team input.

Delve into the Science and Psychology of Feedback

Uncover a treasure trove of psychological insights that form the foundation of impactful feedback. Learn about its core principles and strategic integration within organizational contexts.

A diagram of the science-based model of feedback
List of 10 Commandments of Effective Feedback

10 Commandments of Effective Feedback

Arm yourself with 10 essential guidelines for impactful feedback delivery. Become a master of providing constructive feedback that nurtures personal and professional development.

Learn from 10 Real-World Examples of Feedback Excellence

Elevate your feedback skills by drawing inspiration from practical scenarios that highlight the transformative potential of well-crafted feedback.

Examples of Feedback Excellence
Checklist for Constructive Feedback Brilliance 

Your Comprehensive Checklist for Constructive Feedback Brilliance 

Access the ultimate checklist – your compass for ensuring your feedback is crystal clear, brimming with positivity, and nurturing growth.

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Employee engagement bundle

I opted for the ‘Learn how to do it yourself’ service and downloaded the employee engagement bundle. I absolutely loved the 6-week strategy launch template and the workbook was easy to follow and execute each strategy step. I’m also very satisfied with the quality and that you can also learn so much about the psychology of employee engagement.

Working with Work Unlocked saved my company!

Working with Stavy is very easy and smooth; she has a huge knowledge of employee engagement. She was able to understand what exactly I want. She is patient, friendly as well as professional. I am really excited to continue working with her in the near future. I definitely recommend working with Work Unlocked.

Professional & great service

I had an excellent experience working with Work Unlocked on my company’s employee well-being and mental health strategy. Stavy is extremely knowledgeable about the psychology of employee happiness and delivered a program that was widely accepted by all stakeholders. Overall a very professional service and an enjoyable partnership.

Recruitment related matters

Absolutely wondeful experience. Knowledgeable, easy to commmunicate with and available.

Stavy is great and long may the relation continue

5/5 Client happiness rating

100% Client retention rating

Stavy Papasotiriou

Founder workunlocked

I’m excited to offer you this toolset designed to make your day-to-day work life smoother—and they come with my personal recommendation! Drawing upon my extensive consulting experience, I have personally crafted these tried-and-tested tools using positive psychology principles to yield proven results across various industries and geographies. I can’t wait for you to try out our ready-made tools, and I thank you for letting us be part of your workplace happiness journey!

What Sets Our Employee Feedback Toolkit Apart

Crystal-Clear Step-by-Step Instructions

Easy-to-follow guidance for guaranteed success, even if you're new to this field.

Become a Pro

Understand the psychological foundations of feedback exchange, acquire new skills, and become a catalyst for positive change within your organization.

Stellar Stakeholder Service

Leave your business leaders in awe with ready-made resources to support line managers, while visibly building a culture of continuous feedback exchange.

What Sets Our Employee Well-Being & Mental Health Bundle Apart

Strategic Templates with Pre-Filled Text

We've already done the groundwork; you simply implement top-tier employee feedback discussions with ease.

Proven to Perfection

Supported by unassailable research in employee behavior and motivation, our proven resources yield results within weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an Employee Feedback All-Inclusive Toolkit?

The Employee Feedback All-Inclusive Toolkit is designed to empower HR practitioners and team leaders with a comprehensive set of psychology-backed tools.

The toolkit provides diverse strategies for obtaining employee feedback. You can utilize proven exercises like the ‘Situation–Behavior–Impact’ Feedback Model, the ‘I Appreciate’ Feedback Ritual, and others. These exercises are complemented by clear step-by-step instructions and customizable templates, making it easy to foster a culture of continuous feedback exchange.

Giving feedback professionally involves using a structured approach. Our Employee Feedback Toolkit provides hands-on exercises, such as the ‘Situation–Behavior–Impact’ model, which guides you in delivering feedback by addressing the specific situation, behavior observed, and the impact it had.

Keeping track of employee feedback is simplified with our toolkit. Utilize customizable templates, like the After–Action Reviews (AAR), to document feedback and track progress over time. The toolkit’s strategic templates with pre-filled text make it easy to maintain a comprehensive record of feedback discussions for each employee.

Conducting an employee feedback survey is essential for understanding the overall sentiments within your team. The Employee Feedback Toolkit equips you with proven survey techniques and provides insights into the psychology of feedback, ensuring that your surveys are not only effective but also contribute to a positive feedback culture.

Our toolkit is designed with busy HR practitioners and team leaders in mind. The crystal-clear step-by-step instructions and strategic templates with pre-filled text save valuable time. The toolkit’s lifetime access to the employee feedback library becomes an ongoing resource, providing quick solutions for any feedback-related challenges.

The SBI (Situation–Behavior–Impact) Feedback Model is crucial for structured and effective feedback. It helps in clearly communicating the context (Situation), the observed behavior, and its impact. Our toolkit emphasizes this model, providing exercises and templates that guide you in using the SBI model to deliver impactful feedback that promotes positive change.

Using an employee feedback template is straightforward with our toolkit. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided for each template, like the ‘Start, Stop, Continue Doing’ exercise. Customize the template to address specific situations and behaviors, ensuring your feedback is tailored and effective in promoting growth and development.

Effectively using an employee feedback template involves understanding its purpose and tailoring it to your specific needs. The Employee Feedback Toolkit not only provides ready-made templates but also includes guidelines, checklists, and real-world examples. Follow the toolkit’s comprehensive checklist to ensure your feedback is clear, positive, and conducive to personal and professional growth.

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